The LOGAN CITY BMX ACADEMY INC. was registered as a not for profit organization on 31st July, 2001 by a group of dedicated BMX enthusiasts.  This facility was a previous legendary track which was abandoned back in the 80’s. LCBMXA has been rebuilt from the ground up as a uniquely different approach to Bicycle Riding.  Our purposefully created facility is built for “bicycle skill development” that transfers into Recreation riding and competitive BMX racing.“We don’t believe in the learn yourself approach to BMX”

Why are we called a BMX Academy and not a BMX Club? the mission is to encourage children to have a go at bike riding, develop bike skills, have fun, make new friends, and be active.  LOGAN CITY BMX ACADEMY is able to offer world class programs through our coaches who facilitate programs for all ages, and all levels of bike skills for boys, girls, men and women. Together we help you participate in an amazing sport, by guiding you with experience for a safe and enjoyable journey.  LCBMXA is your pathway to stylish bike riding and is truly your best introduction to BMX riding.


SO YOU’RE READY TO SIGN UP FOR BMX RACING? To start BMX you will need to arrange a 4mth Trial Membership. Our friendly volunteers are available Track Side, every Thursday night 6pm-7.30pm if you need guidance to process your Membership online. See below how to JOIN!


1. Your Credit Card to Process the BMXA Fee Roughly the 4Month Membership is around $65, Prices will vary.
2. Proof of Riders AGE MUST be one of the following: Birth Certificate, Driver’s Licence, Passport, Government Issued document with Full Name and Date of Birth so you can upload at time of Membership.
3. CLICK HERE to process your BMX Membership, this will take you the BMX Australia Website which is our head sporting body.


We recommend starting a 4 month Trail Membership, see below the 2 Options based on the Riders age.
4 MONTH – SPROCKET ROCKET – A Sprocket Rocket membership is for any rider under the age of 8 and is a participation-based program. Its focus is on skill-based learning and allows children under the age of 8 the opportunity to tune their BMX racing skills in a fun non-competitive environment. This membership is valid for 4 months (from joining date).

4 MONTH – OPEN – An open membership allows you to ride at any club in Australia, including club carnivals and events. This membership does not include freestyle. This membership is valid for 4 months.

Note: Membership can NOT be processed without all the Above and Riders can not attend and BMX Activities.


A brief overview on what to expect when joining up to BMX Racing.

Am I a confident Bike Rider already?

  • I Love Riding my Bike all the time
  • I can Already Ride BMX Tracks
  • I can Do Skids
  • I can Stand and Pedal
  • I have already Crashed my bike trying new things

What BMX Equipment Do Need to Join BMX RACING?

  • BMX Specific Race Bike.
  • BMX Racing Long Pants & Jersey CLICK HERE to Order a Club Jersey
  • Full fingered BMX Gloves
  • Australian Standard Full Face Helmet
  • BMX Plate with your custom Race Number CLICK HERE to Order

How much is BMX?
BMX requires an all in approach and you only get one shot at getting it right. This is why we guide you through a structured process that has worked for thousands of riders around Logan and beyond.

  • All Riders need a BMX Racing Licence –  4mth Trial Membership is $55 (roughly, see our representative to confirm prices)
  • BMX Race Bike and Riding Gear = Brand New $650, or 2nd Hand from $250+
  • Weekly Coaching is $20
  • Weekly Gate Practice is $4
  • Monthly Racing $8


LCBMX offer Certified Coaching Contractors that run weekly BMX sessions on Wednesdays.

HOW TO BOOK:Our Coaches txt out Weekly SMS so Parents can reply and Book, each group have a limited amount of spots so booking is essential. Investment for 60min BMX Lesson $20 per Rider and payable in cash prior to the session starting. If coaching is cancelled due to Weather the Coach will SMS you at least an hour before the start time.

So our awesome Coaches can add your details to their SMS service please send the below details to the below:

Wednesday Coaching: BIKE PLAY 0416 148 500


Logan City BMX Academy Volunteers offer weekly Gate Practice every Thursday,

WEEKLY GATE START NIGHTS are a open Ride approach to BMX so Riders can have a heap of fun getting fit by riding with mates while crafting BMX Race Skills. We recommend you attend at least 4 Coaching Lessons to ensure the Rider understands track etiquette at the Gate Nights, and how we roll.

Beginner Gate Session Every Thursday 6-6.30pm
Cost: $4 per Rider


FRIDAY NIGHT RACING! The monthly Race Night is run by LCBMX Volunteers on the last Friday of every month.

Race Nights at Logan City are fast and exciting, Head over to our Facebook page to stay up to date with Important Announcements & Notifications https://www.facebook.com/LoganCityBMXAcademy/

RACE NOMINATION FEE: $8 per Rider, Family Capped $20, Pay on the Night, No Bookings required.


BMX Race Bike
BMX Race BikeMust be Specific to BMX Racing
BMX race bikes are specific to BMX Racing. These are totally different to the Freestyle Bikes and you need to ensure you understanding the difference as this will slow down the progression of the Rider.

Micro Mini | Mini | Junior | Expert | Expert XL | Pro Sizes

BMX Full Face Helmet
BMX Full Face HelmetAustralian Standard
BMX racing helmets are a lot lighter then a Road Bike or Motto Cross Helmet, so please ensure you buy a BMX Australian Standard helmet.
Race Clothing
Race ClothingJersey | Pants | Gloves
There are a range of flash BMX race clothing you can buy. To start with you can use a standard long sleeve shirt, long pants like cargo’s or jeans.
BMX Gloves
BMX GlovesFull fingered Gloves
BMX Gloves are important for hand protection.
Riding Shoes
Riding ShoesPlays a very important part in Racing BMX
Riding Shoes must have a great grip, VANS are perfect for BMXers as they have a honeycomb style soul that grip into the Pedals when riding.
Protective Gear
Protective GearNot Compulsory
If you want to wear extra protection gear that is totally up to, providing it does not restricted you while riding.