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FAQ’s for Logan City BMX2016-11-02T00:18:12+00:00

Logan City BMX Frequently asked Questions

This page has been designed to answer most of our frequently asked questions. If your require future assistance please don’t hesitate to contact our team or we will meet you trackside.

SAFE BIKE – ABC CHECK2016-11-02T01:26:20+00:00

ABC Check – Make sure your Bike is ready to Roll Every Time!

A = Air
• Squeeze your Tires or Press into the ground – Front & Back Tires should feel Rock Hard.
• Inspect Tires for Bald Spots, Splits, Dry Cracked Sidewalls, Fraying and Angled Valves.
• Inflate Tires to their Recommended Pressure (Look for “Inflate to 40 – 60 psi or “Maximum Inflation 80 psi.”) which is written on the sidewall of all Tires
• Always use a Floor Pump with Gauge to avoid guess work
• Replace Tires if Damaged

B = Brakes
• Back Brakes are Essential for Safety – Make sure Riders can Stop their Bike
• Spin back wheel while eye balling the Brake Pads to be sure they are not rubbing and are in-line with Rim
• Check Brake Pads – How worn are they? Are they aligned with the rim? Are they rubbing the tyre? Are they centred?
• Check Brake Cable – fraying or stretched cables will stop brakes from working when the lever is squeezed it should have a nice feel and be able to stop the spinning wheel
• When Brake Pads have passed the worn level indicator, Replace Them

C = Chain, Cassette, and Cranks
• Chains should be Rust Free and Tight, with NO Sagging or Kinks
• Lubricate your Chain with a quality Lubricate that repels dust, every time you do a major Bike Clean
• Make sure your Drive Line is Tight (Cranks, Chain Ring, Rear Wheel)
• Rotate the Crank to make sure the Chain Ring is straight, not warped, and teeth are not damaged
• Replace worn Chains and Chain Ring together; New Chains will not run well on an old Chain Ring – Check = Check It Over (or Twist, Shake, Rattle, & Roll)
• Check Frame for Cracks and other damages
• Lift the bike one Inch of the Ground and drop it; locate any loose Components or Rattles and Tighten them (Seat, Handle Bars, Headset, pedals, bottom bracket)
• Grab your Wheel at the Rim; move it from side to side – Is there any movement or play in the hub?
• Are the Wheels True? All Spokes need to be Present and Firm
• Remove Bells, Bike stands, and all other Random Accessories that appear to be Dangerous
• Check Bars Ends, make sure Bars are not protruding through Grips and Grips are not slipping
• Clean your Bike to keep it Running Fast

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What to Wear?2016-11-02T00:46:32+00:00

NOW that you are a BMX Member you really need to ensure your equipment is safe before attending any of the BMX events or coaching!

√ Safe BMX Bike
√ Australian Standard Full Face Helmet
√ Gloves
√ Long Sleeve Shirt
√ Long Pants
√ Enclosed Shoes

Different types of Bike?2016-09-22T06:11:08+00:00

We have seen it happen time and time again, Be careful not to buy a bike that is too small or too big. Bells, stands, reflectors of any kind, mud guards, aerials, sharp or protruding axles and broken spokes make the bike UNSAFE FOR LEARNING SKILLS. Allow our staff to assist you in this Important decision.

We cant afford a good bike?2016-11-02T00:22:30+00:00

Our members don’t need the latest super Bike to start riding. All you require is a Safe Bike and as the Rider progresses and keeps enjoying the Sport then you can upgrade to our recommended bike sequence

Our Philosophy is a Safe Bike is a Good Bike’ We accept all Bicycles in our Classes provided they are Ridable. Our Staff always complete a Bike Check for Rider Safety. If we find the Bike to be unsafe and unfixable then a Certified Bike will be available to hire from BIKE PLAY®

Where else can I Ride?2016-09-22T06:11:21+00:00

Your BMX License allows you to Ride all around Australian. Riders are covered for general riding 24/7

If you choose to do BMX Racing you will need to purchase an Open Licenses from your local BMX Club which allows you to Ride and compete all around Australia. Here in South Queensland alone there are 14 clubs from Gympie down to Nerang.

Can I ride at the track when racing is not on?2016-11-02T00:18:12+00:00

The great thing about BMX Clubs in South QLD most are open 24/7 which means you can practice anytime unless Organized club Activities are in progress.  If this is the case riders must vacate the track unless notified otherwise.

Coaching Credentials?2016-09-22T06:12:31+00:00

Yes all our selected BMX Coaches | Trainers | Supervisors are accredited through BMXA and hold current Queensland First Aid | CPR certification and Blue Cards (Working with Children) They all enjoy making a difference.

Do I get BMX coaching for my child?2016-11-02T00:18:12+00:00

For fast development and limit avoidable crashes we recommend using our Accredited BMX instructors. The Logan City BMX track has been designed by Glenn Codega to provide Riders with progression. Back in the day BMX Coaching was not essential because tracks were a lot easier to ride and Kids were more Active. Nowadays Tracks are Technical and Majority of Riders lack the Physically ability to control the bike correctly. Logan City BMX Academy has created the Perfect Environment for riders of all levels to understand the fundamentals which fast tracks the riders careers and eliminates unnecessary crashes.

What to Bring to a Race | Practice | Lesson2016-09-22T06:12:47+00:00

BMX Racer Items to Consider:
1. Full Face Helmet – Australian Standard Approved
2. Racing Apparel (Long Pants, Long Sleeve Shirt, Socks, Gloves)
3. Enclosed Shoes
4. Water Bottle
5. Safe Bike
6. Safety Pads Optional (ie; Knee / Elbow Guards, Body Armour)

What do I do after I join?2016-11-02T00:18:12+00:00

Bicycles offer many pathways depending on your WHY. Refer to Athlete pathway Document. Bicycles offer many options for the rider and families.

We recommend you start and see where things may take you.
BMX Racing is an individual sport where the Rider can progress as far as he or she wants to depending on how much effort is put in. BMX is a Great Family sport that allows for Travel and making New Friends.

What do I Need?2016-09-22T06:13:26+00:00

To obtain a Licence you need:
Birth Certificate
Sign Papers
Registration Investments

To Train & Race you need:
Race Ready Bike
BMX Full Face Helmet
Long Sleeve Shirt
Long Pants
Flat Shoes with Socks
Water Bottle

Does BMX have a season?2016-09-22T06:13:32+00:00

The sport of BMX seems to run for the entire year, with minimal down time.
Its import you understand your why towards your riding so you can work out the best options to suit your intended goals and outcomes. The most exciting time of year for majority of racers is January to September.
BMX training is available all year round to suit your needs.

How to Join Logan City BMX?2016-11-02T01:13:26+00:00
  1. CLICK the Link, then add your best email for the membership form to be sent. Check your email to complete the Form.
  2. Join BMX using the 4mth Membership trail. Process $50 via Direct Debit using your family name as reference. See  below bank details.
  3. Then email the riders Birth Certificate and Payment Receipt to secretary@logancitybmx.org.au
  4. Our Team will email you info about BMX Activities and How to BOOK into Coaching once its processed.

    Logan City BMX Academy
    BSB: 064 – 184
    ACC: 102 497 63

How Much is BMX?2016-11-02T00:43:21+00:00

When beginning BMX we recommend you take your time. To try BMX you will need to obtain a 4mth Membership ($50) then after the 4mth Trial you will need to make your decision to upgrade to a 12mth BMXA License. A yearly BMXA License and LCBMX membership will be between $130 – $160.

What Ages do you Cater for?2016-09-22T06:14:50+00:00

BIKE PLAY our Athlete development suppliers offers the entire bike riding pathway. They start as young as they can handle – 4yrs Is a good place to begin, and they can continue from there. We have everyone covered so there are no excuses to ride because BMX is made for all ages. Bicycle Riding is for the entire Family which enables Families a wonderful Opportunity to Participate in the same Sport together.

First Aid?2016-09-22T06:14:54+00:00

Logan City BMX Academy and BIKE PLAY and take rider safety very seriously. Every lesson comes with a Qualified First Aider on hand to address incidents if necessary. Our First Aiders are equipment with all the essentials and knowledge to administer the support if required.

Isn’t BMX Dangerous?2016-09-22T06:15:02+00:00

Statistics prove that bicycle riding is one of the safest activities provided its conducted in a controlled and managed environment. New riders must wear all the protective gear when required for lessons, training and events.
Bike spills are possible, and do happen. Because we are a Club built on 30yrs of coaching your child’s Bicycle development will be the best leaving them excited and to continue a life of riding.